Lorie Snow

Lorie SnowLorie Snow, a certified YogaKids Teacher (CYKT), has completed a 95-hour Children’s Yoga Program with an additional 100 hour independent study program through YogaKids International. As an advocate for children, she is very excited to have discovered a yoga program just for kids.

She personally discovered yoga 12 years ago after being diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder. Yoga has taught her ways to feel calm and peaceful while strengthening her mind and body. It has given her courage to embrace her health and know that anything is possible!

YogaKids provides the same opportunity for children. It is an innovative program that blends traditional yoga with Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. It treats yoga as a medium for learning and incorporates different learning “elements” such as anatomy, visual arts, music, math, ecology and language. In this way, children are learning about math, science, reading and nature through the art and movement of Yoga. The children not only learn about their own bodies but also learn to cooperate with others and appreciate the world they live in.