Candace Poirier

Candace PoirierCandace has been a yoga student since 2000 and teaching Vinyasa since 2011; trained at YogaWorks Walnut Creek, CA.; which is a mix of both Iyengar and Ashtanga technique. Her background in classical ballet and dance led her eventually to yoga for a workout, which over time became her personal healing practice for body, mind and spirit.

Candace’s Mindful Flo classes are approached through ‘mindfulness on the mat’, (being aware of your body and your breath, being aware of what you are doing and why). Mindfulness techniques bring calm to the body, keep the mind focused and keep the heart open. Add that to yoga asana (poses) and that’s a recipe for a new and clear perspective of our place, in the world around us.

No matter what level Candace is working with, you will find her classes to be mindfully flowing and creatively sequenced; with cues for safe body alignment and focus on the breath. She infuses the teachings and tools that have helped her to awaken to a consciousness that allows for a fulfilled and joyous life. She draws from different yoga branches such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga and Kundalini. She is so honored to have worked with yoga mentors: Melanie Salvatore August, Mynx Inatsugu, and Angie Norwood at YogaWorks, Walnut Creek, CA and Reiki mentors Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird at the International Center for Reiki Training, in Sedona, AZ.

Candace is a mom, chef, dedicated partner and small business owner. Check her out here and here.