Audrey DeLong

Audrey DelongAudrey DeLong, RYT-200, is a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor, since 2003, and she has taken the insights she learned through her traumatic death sentence(s) to her teaching. Many describe her teaching as "spiritual" becuase of her depth of understanding that life is a gift and now is all we have. Her personal healing journey has lead her to help others gain insight and wholeness and she is currently undergoing a 5-year training as a Yoga Therapist to deepen her ability to do just this. Audrey uses the various yoga tools she has gained from her own personal practice since 2000, teaching expereince since 2011, and trainings all over the world, to provide a healing experience for her clients. Whether it's a Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and Mudra's, a longer and quieter Yin Yoga practice, a Restorative Yoga workshop, taking flight with arm balances, or underneath the sun and moon during Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga, Audrey takes her students to new levels within their body, mind, and spirit in a safe and supportive environment. She encourages and demonstrates that the possibilities are endless and creates a harmonious union within our selves. Audrey leads and organizes retreats, workshops, and yoga events around the state, the country, and world to bring the healing practice of yoga to the masses and has released a Yoga Nidra meditation CD on Amazon and iTunes for those who want to find restoration on their own time and space.